About Us

Carolina Dream is a Marine Corps Veteran owned company inΒ Charleston South Carolina. Our mission is to provide what we call our 'Carolina Standard' of premium and transparently produced hemp products to all of our customers. Carolina Standard fully showcases the seed-to-sale experience. Every product we sell has a QR code that will link to a complete chain-of-custody report for that product, tracking it from where the hemp was grown, processed, and made into a product. We engage in the same 'seed to sale' transparency that is required for licensed companies in medical and adult use cannabis states.

We have personally seen the positive effects of CBD and Medical Cannabis compared to overly prescribed opioids. From family members to veterans, we have seen opioids devastate and change their lives for the worse. After introducing and teaching the benefits of these plant, we have seen our loved ones completely stop their prescription usage and become contributing members of society again.

We want to change the world for the better.
Cody Callarman, Christopher Schneider, Bippy Pierce, Bill Jarboe, Zachary Serrins