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It all started as a Dream

Carolina Dream got it's start when Cody left his government job back in 2020 to become a hemp farmer in South Carolina. Chasing a Dream... to help people find wellness in cannabis products.

It all started when his mother woke up from a lower back surgery with her right leg paralyzed. Within days, she was prescribed a regimen of opioids, muscle relaxers, and other pills. Western medicine fix for breaking her, give her enough pills to lay their and deal with the pain.

After two years, my mom's situation was becoming dire. Then a mutual friend gave her an edible. She immediately got her appetite back. Cody saw the signs of relief and started finding cannabis for his mom. After a couple of weeks of a stable supply of gummies and flower, Cody's mother was off the pills.

"We shouldn't be treated like criminals because we found a plant that helped our loved ones."

It would still take a couple of years for Cody to try cannabis. After watching this plant save his mother and help fellow veterans, it would still take Cody until Cody got a DUI in 2017. After realising how much alcohol Cody was using weekly, he tried cannabis for the first time. His response "how is this illegal?"

Carolina Dream was born.

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