Pivotal Developments in South Carolina’s Hemp Regulation: An Update on House Bill 4628

Pivotal Developments in South Carolina’s Hemp Regulation: An Update on House Bill 4628

This morning marked a significant step forward for hemp regulation in South Carolina. As the founder and a passionate advocate at Carolina Dream, I attended the medical affairs committee hearing for House Bill 4628 at the South Carolina State House, and I'm eager to share the updates with our community.

The Shift in Tide at the Hearing

The atmosphere at the State House was electric as we gathered to discuss the regulation of products containing hemp-derived cannabinoids. Historically, the path to hemp regulation has faced considerable opposition. However, today's hearing underscored a major shift in perspective, revealing a promising outlook for the future of hemp in our state.

Single Opposition Amidst Overwhelming Support

Despite the recent reclassification of cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III on a federal level—a move acknowledging its medical use and lower potential for abuse—the Police Association remained the sole voice of opposition. Their stance seemed misaligned with the current legal landscape and public sentiment, which appears increasingly in favor of reasonable regulation rather than outright prohibition. Notably, every other speaker at the hearing, representing a wide array of business owners and employees, expressed staunch support for HB 4628.

Understanding HB 4628's Provisions and Consumer Impact

Stricter Regulations Than Alcohol

Under the proposed bill, any purchase of CBD products will require age verification, with consumers needing to be over 21. Additionally, retail locations must be situated outside a 1000-foot radius from schools or playgrounds—significantly stricter compared to the 250 feet regulation for alcohol sales.

Enhanced Safety Through Local Testing

One of the bill’s crucial aspects is ensuring consumer safety through stringent testing requirements. Any hemp product sold in our state that is not made by a South Carolina business must be tested locally. This will help maintain high-quality standards and eliminate inferior products from entering the market.

Carolina Dream’s Commitment to Compliance and Quality

At Carolina Dream, compliance, safety, and high standards have always been our cornerstones. We have been implementing practices that not only meet but exceed the proposed regulatory frameworks. It’s gratifying to see the political framework beginning to catch up to standards we’ve championed for years.

Looking Forward: Next Steps in Advocacy

Although HB 4628 is unlikely to pass this session due to timing constraints, the groundwork has been effectively laid for next year. Our team is committed to working throughout the summer, preparing to return in January with renewed vigor to ensure that hemp regulation is a priority on the legislative agenda.

We remain dedicated to keeping you informed and engaged as we continue to navigate these legislative developments. Your support and advocacy are vital as we work toward a future where everyone can access the benefits of hemp-derived products safely and legally.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Stay tuned for further updates, and please join us this Sunday for our next video, where we’ll delve into the federal reclassification of cannabis and its implications for South Carolina and beyond.

Together, we are not just witnessing change—we are driving it. Thank you for being a crucial part of this journey.

~From cannabis, with love

For more information about HB 4628 please take a look at the the following link:



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