Carolina Dream Founder & President Cody Callarman

Carolina Dream’s Push For Cannabis

     Another year in the books for Carolina Dream pursuing legal medical cannabis in South Carolina. In 2022 The Compassionate Care Act had made it all the way to the statehouse floor. This was the furthest a bill related to legal medical cannabis had ever made in South Carolina in a decade of political efforts.The Compassionate Care Act of 2022 still fell short of getting put into law

     This year cannabis advocates had high hopes of getting The Compassionate Care Act to the governor's desk. Especially after the successful Maryland trip in December 2022 where Caroilna Dream and South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance took nine South Carolina state representatives (republicans, democrats, and independents) and gave them tours of medical cannabis facilities in Maryland. Then there is the fact that an overwhelming majority of South Carolinians support legal medical cannabis

     On March 28, 2023 Carolina Dream hosted a press conference alongside South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance, veterans & veteran organizations, South Carolina state legislators, medical professionals, patients, and handfuls of South Carolinians. Advocates were all there to show support for SC state bill S423 sponsored by South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis. The press conference was held to raise more awareness amongst South Carolinians and how vitally important it is that they reach out to their state legislators to support S423. South Carolinians support and action will go a long way with helping medical cannabis advocacy work throughout South Carolina. To see the full press conference click on this link.

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