Where To Buy Bulk Delta 9 Gummies | Carolina Dream

Where To Buy Bulk Delta 9 Gummies | Carolina Dream

If you’re wondering how to buy wholesale Delta 9 gummies you have come to the right site. Not only does Carolina Dream sell the best gummies on the market, we also produce them. From this expertise, Carolina Dream  has crafted this article to help you navigate the horrors of buying wholesale gummies online. The main points we will consider are gummy compliance, white labeling vs bulk gummies, and gummy customization. If you have any questions that are not covered in this please feel free to email contact@carolinadream.com


With the current laws on hemp in the United States, Delta 9 THC Gummies are a new trending loophole which allows customers to experience the effects of THC. This has made THC products essential at every smoke shop in the country. As mentioned before it is a loophole, so you should be strict about federal compliance when picking a provider.

 Compliance is the difference between a business and a drug dealer. So to keep yourself out of the hot seat you will want to ask to see the Delta 9 gummies lab test. The lab test will tell you the percentage of cannabinoids in gummies. You should instantly rule out any company that refuses to provide a lab test. 

When talking about bulk gummies, there is a probability that we are also talking about a lot of individual gummy packages. Each gummy package should be labeled with a COA which ensures the quality and compliance of each product to you and your customers.

White labeling vs Bulk

On your search to find wholesale gummies you may come across two different terms, “Bulk” and “White label”. The difference between these two terms is dependent on your company.

White label gummies means that the company will send you the gummies and you brand the gummies yourself. This is good for a company that is trying to create its own brand. This is usually done at a large scale.

Bulk gummies are when still buying gummies at a large quantity but the gummies come branded by the supplier. This type of order is best for a brick and mortar shop. Discounted gummy pricing is usually given since the order is above the average purchase. 


Custom Delta 9 gummies are a great way to stand out. When you know your customers' needs, optimizing a gummy yourself can be your best option.  When putting in a custom order you will want to keep two key points in mind. 

 mg - milligrams are the measurement used to define the total amount of cannabinoids in a product. The range of milligrams will fluctuate the effectiveness of cannabinoids.

Weight - weight is important to consider along with mg. If the mg to weight ratio is off you may have a gummy that tastes more like Delta 9 THC then what every delicious flavor you choose.

When choosing to have custom made gummies it is essential to work with a provider that will be fully transparent. The last thing you want is to pay for something that disappoints you. You should be given samples throughout the process so that the gummies come out just as you imagined.

You have learned what to look for when buying wholesale D9 THC gummies. I believe the most important part of the process is finding a supplier that will give you their full attention and equally their lab reports. Carolina Dream is a company I can confidently say fits all these guidelines. Carolina Dream has full transparency on all of their products and fights for other companies to be less shady. When it comes to customer service, we love to work with and talk to our customers. Your order would be as priority for us as it is for you. To talk with us about your interest in wholesale please click HERE.

Carolina Dream is a Marine Corps Veteran owned company from Charleston, South Carolina. Our mission is to provide what we call our 'Carolina Standard' of premium and transparent hemp products to all of our customers. Our standard fully showcases the seed-to-sale experience. Every product we sell has a QR code that will show our customers a complete chain-of-custody report for that product. Tracking it from where the hemp was grown, processed, and made into a product. The same 'seed to sale' transparency that is required for licensed companies in Medical and Adult use cannabis states.


We have personally seen the positive effects of CBD and Medical Cannabis compared to overly prescribed Opioids. From family members to veterans, we have seen opioids devastate and change their lives for the worse. After introducing and teaching the benefits of these plant, we have seen our loved ones completely stop their prescription usage and become contributing members of society again.


We want to change the world for the better.


Cody Callarman, Jalal Tyler, & Christopher Schneider

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